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thunderben at free.fr thunderben at free.fr
Fri Jul 4 13:41:21 PDT 2003

Hi List, 

Apparently, not all my keyboard key are not mapped !

Most of character are well mapped ("a" -> "z", num keys, etc, but 
not "end", "PageUp", "del", etc.
For example, when I press "end", or "delete" a tilde (~) appear instead the 
corresponding task.

I found a hint in LFS FAQ (the one about delkey), and I created /etc/inputrc as 
But nothing changed.

My confirguration is :
LFS 4.0, PC keyboard (102 keys).
defkeymap.map.gz symlink is linked to "i386/azerty/fr-pc.map.gz"
I have Bash 2.05a.

Any idea or advice ?

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