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Jeroen Coumans jeroencoumans at
Fri Jul 4 02:57:23 PDT 2003

esaul said the following on 4-7-2003 4:27:
> OK, I recompiled the kernel with the new gcc, and DRI works now.
> So, despite the lfs and blfs advices (not to mention that glibc don't
> compile with gcc 3.3, nor should the kernel:  
> tid=117&tid=126&tid=99&tid=156 ), 
> there is no way to use alsa and X kernel modules, except when they are compiled
> with the same version of gcc?
> The r128.o module compiled from the X install doesn't work anymore,
> although 'twas the same kernel and gcc version. So, although DRI works
> here now, it loads the kernel module, not the module 
> provided by X (which is supposed to fit right in, - same kernel, same
> compiler, and depmod doesn't bitch).

XFRee86 provides a kernel module for the DRI component.
Your kernel was compiled with gcc-2.9x
XFree86 was compiled with gcc-3.x (see first message)
DRI didn't work.
Now, you recompiled your kernel (again, with 2.9x) and now DRI does 
work. Here's why: the kernel also includes (a much older) kernel module 
for DRI. And everytime you do make modules_install, it will rm -rf 
/lib/modules/kernelversion and repopulate that tree. So the DRI kernel 
module you end up getting is from 2.9x and works perfectly (allthough a 
bit outdated).
You can recompile the XFree86 kernel module (somewhere deep inside the 
xc tree, you probably find it with google or in the archives) to have a 
newer module.
Now next time remember: _all_ kernel modules have to be compiled with 
the same version. This includes Alsa, XFree86-DRI modules, NVidia 
drivers and binary winmodem drivers.

Jeroen Coumans

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