init : : cannot open shared object file : kernel panic !

Laurent H. l.huge at
Thu Jul 3 10:02:32 PDT 2003

Dagmar d'Surreal a écrit :

> Umm... are you completely and totally sure that your init is linked
> to libssl and that it's not something else that's wanting it?  This
> is likely something that can come back to bite you in the tail
> elsewhere. As far as I know unless you're doing some really kinky
> encrypted filesystem stuff, init shouldn't be linked to much more
> than libc.
> Do an `ldd /sbin/init`.  It should come back saying it's not a
> dynamic executeable in an ideal world.
In fact, after some tries, I've found a workaround solution (inspired
by Ulrich Fahrenberg) : I've copied all ssl librairies in /lib (then
run ldconfig). The next reboot, it asked for libcrypto (?) and crash
again, so I did it again with libcrypto and, after another boot, with
Now it's working well, so I think it was prelude that has put such a
mess (but I don't know why, since I didn't configure it yet (and so
it is not supposed to start at boot time)).
Now that it is working, I have three solutions to have it work :
        - I leave it as it is (but I don't think it's clean !)
        - I delete the libraries in /usr/lib (but it is possible to do think
that plainly ?)
        - I uninstall those libraries and install them again in /lib (the
cleaner, but the longer).

What do you suggest to me as the best thing ?
Laurent H. (pour m'écrire, enlever nospam. de l'adresse de réponse)
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