init : : cannot open shared object file : kernel panic!

Simon Geard delgarde at
Thu Jul 3 07:37:14 PDT 2003

richard at wrote:

>On 2003-07-03 09:55:48 +0000, Richard wrote:
>>	a) who are those "knowledgables", and where have they expressed their
>>opinions, in support of such claims (chroot is "bad"/substrate kernel
>>"interference", and future problems to be expected, by using the
>In the past I have had problems with alsa compiling for the running
>kernel instead of the one installed in the chroot environment where
>alsa was being compiled. I had a problem with glibc. I did not have
>problems anything else, including X, but at that time I was not using
Yes, anything that actually cares about the kernel version (like kernel 
modules) has a good chance of breaking under chroot. Anything else ought 
to be fine though.


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