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Alexander E. Patrakov semzx at
Wed Jul 2 21:29:44 PDT 2003


There is an old i586 with a modem connected to it. Currently, mgetty is 
installed (yes, I hate it and will replace it if needed) and allows others to 
dial into this computer (PPP) and go into the Internet. I know that mgetty 
also supports receiving and sending faxes, but I have not tested this 
functionality with the USR Courier modem.

The problem: people in our network should be able to send faxes from MS 
Windows using this modem, and all incoming faxes should be viewable from 
Windows. Allowing them to ssh into this machine is not an option.

Already found:
1) webfax for mgetty - it's in German, probably I should find someone with the 
knowledge of German and translate. Looks like it allows to view incoming 
faxes as GIFs - not very good for printing because of non-identical 
resolutions in horizontal and vertical directions (GIF doesn't store the 
information about resolution). PDF will be much better. Also looks like it 
allows to send faxes using files. But it would take a century to teach these 
Windows users to convert an Excel sheet to an acceptable file!

2) fax4CUPS - looks more like what I need for sending, but it does not support 
mgetty's sendfax. And this convention "job name is the telephone number" is 
ugly. Manual dialing is also not an option for me.

I also found some other web interfaces that rely on hylafax. I am not sure 
that they are acceptable because AFAIK hylafax conflicts with mgetty.

If you know anything better, please notify me.

If there are no replies within 3 days, I am going to write my own web 

Alexander E. Patrakov

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