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Wed Jul 2 18:21:48 PDT 2003

--- Dirk <dildir at> thus spoke:

> Hello people,
> I'm trying to connect a win95 box to my linux samba
> server.  I'm only in
> testing/setup phase and should be simple.  my
> smb.conf file is as
> follows.
> [global]
> encrypt passwords = yes 
> workgroup = DDNET
> wins support = yes
> log file = /var/log/samba.log
> [test]
> comment = For testing only
> path = /home/samba/tmp
> read only = no
> guest ok = yes
> I can't seem to be able to get it to work without
> the encryption and
> win95 sees no reason to encrypt.  When I try to get
> at the samba share
> from M$ the network is reported unreachable.
> I can't figure out what is wrong.  Any suggestions
> (except throwing the
> win95 box off the balcony)?
> Dirk


Maybe my solution is not correct and there are lots of
people here who will I hope immediately point out my

But seeing that no one has replied to your post I
thought I will try to help you.

Although did you try to read the SMB hos-to ???



Click on the first link this takes you here

Click on the seventh chapter this takes you here

Scroll down a little ways on this page otherwise
for Windows 95 and voila the relevant section comes up
for you.

Still finally the relevant section is here

To get Windows to work with encrypted SMB passwords:

Windows 95/98 =============

Using the registry editor (regedit), create the
registry setting
Add a new DWORD value: Value Name:
EnablePlainTextPassword Data: 0x01. 

After this i believe you will be able to locate the
relevant documentation for your version of Samba etc.

Finally you mentioned that the error you receive is
"network is reported unreachable" this as far as I
know is not because of the encrypted passwd thing.
Your problem may lie somewhere else. Try googling a
bit. But in the end I believe you would have to do the
encrypt passwd stuff so i hought I will tell you


Arindam Dey

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