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Csaba Henk tphhec01 at degas.ceu.hu
Wed Jul 2 16:08:45 PDT 2003

In article <20030702115552.38aa2d9f.alwagner at tcac.net>, Albert Wagner wrote:
> Given that Adobe's viewer is free, what are the pros and cons of the
> other readers.

What others? With a postscript viewer you can view many pdf's but not all.
So they are not really pdf viewers.

I know of only one other pdf viewer which is a dedicated pdf viewer: xpdf
(well, there is also gpdf, but that's just a Gnome compatibility hack on
xpdf). It's main advantage is that it's not only free as beer but also free
as in freedom. Over the usual pros of such a status, in this case it yields
a very specific extra feature... Hm, have you ever tried to print an
encrypted pdf? ;)


In for a penny, in for a pound
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