X 4.3 & Nvidia driver

Simon Geard delgarde at ihug.co.nz
Wed Jul 2 13:58:04 PDT 2003

Arnaud Boissinot wrote:

>Dagmar d'Surreal wrote:
>>You left out a lot of detail that would be pertinent to your monitor.
>>In any case, make sure your problem isn't the nVidia driver first by
>>changing the Driver "nvidia" to say Driver "nv" so it'll use the
>>built-in XFree86 driver for it.  Only if it works and the nvidia module
>>doesn't should you be blaming the nvidia module.
>>>From the description you gave it sounds more to me like your monitor
>>sync settings are just way off, but if your idea of scrambled cable
>>involves something digital, you could be falling prey to the other big
>>gotcha waiting to get nVidia users.  Do _not_ use the nVidia driver for
>>framebuffer consoles.  Stick with the VESA if you use framebuffer
>>consoles.  There are currently some pretty messy conflicts between the
>>nVidia XFree86 driver and the nVidia console fb driver in the kernel
>>which result in (most notably) the big green rectangle o' mystery.
>I'm sure that it's not a problem with the monitor since the XFree "nv"
>driver works fine and I've compile the old open source driver "nvidia"
>1.0-4191 and it works fine too.
>I've got this problem with the latest 4363 (and 4349) drivers of nvidia
>(those whith an installer !)
Can't solve the problem for you, but I encountered what sounds like the 
same thing when I tried upgrading to the newer drivers - gave up and 
kept using the 4191 packages. I don't think it's framebuffer related 
though - I'd been playing with that at the time (vesafb vs rivafb vs 
none) and tried reverting to standard console to see if that helped.

This was a while back - just after the 4363 drivers came out, and I 
haven't tried since (though I think I have the 4349 package downloaded).


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