Default mail in Firebird (was Re: default mail in fluxbox)

DJ Lucas dj at
Tue Jul 1 23:37:50 PDT 2003

DJ Lucas wrote:
> I had asked previously a while ago about this little problem with (or 
> perhaps deficiency in) Mozilla Firebird.  I was given the answer in the 
> link below:
> I don't know where to set this parameter in Firbird.  Furthur more, from 
> what I've read on Firebird and Thunderbird webpages, it seems this is 
> only possible where a default mail application is referenced somehow by 
> the desktop environment. 


Five days prior to my post, someone released an extention for Firebird 
that will overide the behaviour above (allow you to select the default 
applications for mail, news, ftp, view source, textedit...).  Mozex.  It 
can be found at  By default it'll give 
you a fit, because of MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME environment variable being set, 
if you try to run thunderbird.  Simple fix I thought, just edit the 
thunderbird script and kill the if that allows the script to honor that 
variable.  Other option is to keep Firebird from setting M5H..didn't 
look into it as the other worked fine.  Hope this helps somebody.


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