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Tue Jul 1 20:02:37 PDT 2003

On Tue, 1 Jul 2003, Craig Colton wrote:

><snip - geez I really *am* long-winded and excessively verbose -

> > Bill Maltby

> Inspiring post. I can hardly find anything in there to argue about. Could you
> please try to be more inflammatory in the future? : )

*chuckle* Don't worry. I had a bad day back in March '02 (I think).
Another will come around. Wait, wait! I got it! You need to learn to
<snip>. Where's the damn FAQ pointer when I need one. ;) Ok, not very
inflamatory, but the best I could do at the moment.

> I would like to take small issue. You may or may not know me from my posts. As

Yup. You're familiar to me and no unpleasant associations attached.

> frequency, I would class them as less than average to rare. But that doesn't
> mean that I haven't been here. I just feel that I learn more when I listen
> than when I speak. Anyway, these people here - the ones that have been around
> for awhile - (as silly as it sounds) feel like friends of mine to me. They
> all have their own personalities and their posts are all filtered through
> what I percieve their personalities to be.


> I _hope_ that I have not posted something maliciously without regard to
> anothers feelings. I have been critical (overly critical?), but this is
> criticism that I have had for along time, but have not spoken for precisely
> this reason (i.e., I didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings). Let's please
> make a distinction between criticism and malicious criticism.

I hope you didn't think I thought you were malicious. As I said, I
thought you got sucked in when you perceived an injustice. And it was
understandable. As to hurting feelings, don't *worry* about it. If
something needs to be said, it should be said. What I do care for is
that I try to present what I have to say in a way that is fair,
hopefully constructive, and has the best chance of being correctly
perceived to produce good results. But there are times I have spoken
like an ass, I guess. But I usually don't feel much remorse because if
something gets me to that point I can usually look back and fairly say
it was well justified. Heh, I do excuse myself quite easily, don't I?

> Mailing lists are funny. You might feel that you are having a one-on-one
> conversation with somebody but all of a sudden a bunch of responses get
> posted, and you think "Damn..........I didnt't know they were listening".
> You're absoutely right - I got sucked in - and I should've been smarter.

Or... less human? I mean, really I could see why you responded as you
did. Because there have been times that I also ... But when I do it I
hope someone reminds me to watch myself. And if I'm not feeling *too*
defensive, I should gracefully acknowledge my transgression. I would not
have even mentioned yours (ummm... much) except that after critiqueing
Declan's actions, in all fairness, I *had* to mention yours.

Also please keep in mind that most of what I had to say in the soapbox
section was of a general nature and not directed at you or anybody in
particular. But I noticed last year that when school got out, and again
for a couple weeks when it started up again, the list seemed decidedly
more contentious. I hope history doesn't repeat.

I have always enjoyed Declan's posts, style of phrasing and sense of hu-
mor. I just don't want to see him go silent because he sparked a small
brush-fire. Folks like you and I tend to be a little more business-like.
Declan, and some others, bring some refreshing "personality" to the
list, as well as valuable knowledge in various areas. *snicker* It's too
bad we have to put up with the other eccentricities that come with the
enjoyment! ;) <-- Note the wink, don't take this seriously. Just one of
my infrequent (and lame?) outbursts of "humor".

> Regards,
> Craig

Well, all's been said, I think. Let's high-tail it out of here before
someone tells us to take it to chat. And keep in mind: I think nobody
thinks less of you or Declan for all this.

Bill Maltby
lfsbill at
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