sm56 modem module

dienadel no at
Tue Jul 1 06:42:19 PDT 2003

Ulrich Fahrenberg escribió:
>>- sm56 was compiled with gcc 2, and the kernel with gcc 3. it's known,
>>that this doesn't work

> An obvious soultion is to recompile your kernel with gcc-2.95.3.
> LFS-cvs contains instructions for building gcc-2.95.3 in addition to
> gcc-3.2
> HTH,
> uli

yes, i think this is the easiest way.

i've read the CVS gor installing gcc 2 (i used 4.1), and it is installed 
in /opt/gcc-2

so, in my system, there will be two versions of gcc, the "official gcc 
3", and another one in /opt/gcc-2. ok

if i "don't say nothing extrange", a source will be compiled with the 
gcc-3 version? ins't?

but, if i want to compile something with gcc-2, i'll must add the path 
to gcc-2 after the command "make"

make CC=/opt/gcc-2/bin/gcc bzImage (example for the kernel)

have i understand it ok?

thanks, i'll try it tonight

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