SURVEY : D-C-D or All D and All C

layman layman82 at
Tue Jul 1 03:09:32 PDT 2003

Hello everyone,( blfs users)

I am conducting a survey regarding package scenario
for my college.  

I think this mailing list will be one of the best
places to get a survey on this.

Package Scenario :: 

(1) You have to download a Pack-A which is dependant
on Pack-B and Pack-C. In this as per the package
scenario , Pack-B downloads - installs followed by
Pack-C ( any order),  

Then Pack-A is Downloaded and installed.

As per this Scenario , Each Pack requires a single
file of management. ( which contain all the
instructions to download and install)

Drawback : Internet time can be wasted during the
install(or compile) process.

Advantage: Administation of the packages is easy for
the package maintainer.( so many packages can be
updated or added easily to the database)

(2) In the Second scenario,  Pack-B, Pack-C and Pack-A
are all downloaded.  Then it is compiled one by one.

But Each Pack, here requires three files of management
( instructions to download and install)

Drawback : Administartion for package manager becomes
difficult , suseptible for mistakes. ( database
becomes plump. so package update or addition becomes

Advantage: Internet time is lot saved, as you can hand
it up when compilation starts.


Some notes...

Since i am not sure about the internet connections in
USA and Europe. i am taking this survey. 

What i want ?

# i want to know whether your internet connection is
24hours non-stop with good bandwidth or not.

# Your brief view about the Majority of the Internet
connections in US or europe on whether it is
broadband(24hrs)  or  not. 

# your choise of scenario( first or second) for you 
and which you prefer for your country( us or europe).

Your replies are really going to help us a lot. 

Thanks in advance,



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