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Tue Jul 1 00:58:42 PDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-07-01 at 02:03, dienadel wrote:
> hi,
> i'm not sure if this is the correct place to put this message but...
> yesterday, i installed the binary motorola sm56 modem drivers. these 
> were the steps:
> - install from source rpm, as the drivers supplied by motorola, are only 
> in thar format
> - rpm -i sm56.rpm
> - All ok, except for this: /usr/sbin/sm56setup: lspci not found (or 
> similar). The last messahe was: installation of sm56 succesful
> the instalation created a module called sm56.o in the modules 
> directories, and, when i typed lsmod sm56:
> - sm56 was compiled with gcc 2, and the kernel with gcc 3. it's known, 
> that this doesn't work
> Motorola hasn't support anymore this winmodem, so i'll can only work 
> with that module complied with gcc2.
> Is there any solution, or must i buy a modem? :-(

There may be.  Tell us as much as you possibly can about what specific
type of modem you have.  PCI vendor IDs and strings, numbers off chips,
the FCC ID from the sticker on the back of it, and anything prominently
silkscreened onto it's circuitboard.  There's a chance it can be sorted
out from just the PCI information and the FCC ID.

I feel your pain.  I've got some familiarity with the kind of problems
you're dealing with because I just recently went through the same kind
of problem with a Lucent modem (one of three models which currently will
_not_ work under Linux, although all the other Lucents work just fine)
and NetoDragon modem whose convoluted chain of ownership began with
Motorola and is currently in the hands of some Taiwanese company who
don't appear to know their bus from a hole in the ground, leaving me to
use a hacked driver I got from an FTP site in Argentina (no

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