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Ulrich Fahrenberg uli at
Tue Jul 1 00:35:26 PDT 2003

On Tue, 1 Jul 2003, dienadel wrote:

> yesterday, i installed the binary motorola sm56 modem drivers. these
> were the steps:
> - install from source rpm, as the drivers supplied by motorola, are only
> in thar format
> - rpm -i sm56.rpm
> - All ok, except for this: /usr/sbin/sm56setup: lspci not found (or
> similar). The last messahe was: installation of sm56 succesful

lspci is part of pciutils, BLFS Ch. 11. AFAIR, lspci does about the
same as `cat /proc/pci', so this is probably not a critical error.

> the instalation created a module called sm56.o in the modules
> directories, and, when i typed lsmod sm56:
> - sm56 was compiled with gcc 2, and the kernel with gcc 3. it's known,
> that this doesn't work
> Motorola hasn't support anymore this winmodem, so i'll can only work
> with that module complied with gcc2.
> Is there any solution, or must i buy a modem? :-(

An obvious soultion is to recompile your kernel with gcc-2.95.3.
LFS-cvs contains instructions for building gcc-2.95.3 in addition to


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