My first segmentation fault

Chris Smith smithdev at
Sun Nov 24 19:45:46 PST 2002

 I think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Truly, a master 

 Parent system is a RedHat 7.2 distribution on a 1.7 Ghz Athlon with Gb 
RAM.  Several gigabytes of hard drive.  LFS is conducted on a separate 
hard drive from the parent system.

 Chapter 6 is where things are truly interesting.
 For example, I installed linux-2.4.20 headers, then compiled glibc-2.3, 
the highest version for which I could find a linuxthreads tarball.
 Upon further inspection, the 2.4.20 header script failed at the end of
  make mrproper
when it was trying to
  make clean
due to missing bash commands.  I ran the rest of the 2.4.20 header 
installation script.
glibc-2.3 was fascinating to watch as it scrolled by.  After it crawled 
through all of the location stuff, make said it was leaving glibc-2.3, 
which seems like a bill of good health, then seg faults.  I figured it 
was trying to come up with a name for the prompt, but subsequent reboots 
will no longer chroot into /mnt/lfs.
 So I tore the /mnt/lfs to /static/src only.  At this point, I was able 
to ./chroot into the thing.
 Tempted to just quit screwing around with the glibc-2.3 and install 
glibc-2.2.5.  Would the glibc on the parent system conflict with the 
/mnt/lfs glibc if the /mnt/lfs were newer?
Thank you,

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