How do I get email to work with my lfs system?

Miguel Bazdresch miguel at
Sat Nov 30 15:31:07 PST 2002

* Laurence Turpin <laurie.turpin at> [02-1130 13:35]:
> I want to get email to work with my lfs system.
> When I go into Mutt it tells me that it cannot find my mailbox.

The problem here is that there are many possible causes for mutt not
finding your mailbox. Are you sure the mailbox exists, and the problem
is just mutt not finding it? Then, you have to read the mutt docs,
especially the section about the configuration files.

If your problem is more general (setting up the whole email system with
lfs), then the solution is not so simple. It took me four or five days
(full time) to figure it all out. What I did was to install fetchmail, 
procmail, postfix, and mutt. I'd suggest you to do the same (because I know
it works), and if you have trouble just ask. Just be sure to read every
howto and hint you come across; none of them tells the whole story but
most tell a few key parts of it.

I found section 3 of the "mail administrator howto" to be particularly
good for understanding the big picture.

Miguel Bazdresch
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