Unsure how to configure .fetchmailrc

Laurence Turpin laurie.turpin at virgin.net
Sat Nov 30 08:00:29 PST 2002

At the moment I have my .fetchmailrc file set as follows

poll pop.virgin.net protocol pop3 user laurie.turpin is root here

It produces the following output when I run fetchmail

Enter password for laurie.turpin at pop.virgin.net: <PASSWORD>
fetchmail: Repoll immediately on laurie.turpin at mail.virgin.net
34 messages for laurie.turpin at mail.virgin.net (143426 octets)
reading message laurie.turpin at mail.virgin.net: 1 of 34 (2907 octets)
SMTP connect to localhost failed
fetchmail: SMTP transaction error while fetching for pop.virgin.net
fetchmail: Query status=10(SMTP)

In my mandrake 8.2 system
Mozilla is setup as follows

Incoming mail is POP3 from server pop.virgin.net
Outgoing mail is SMTP to smtp.virgin.net
my email address is laurie.turpin at virgin.net
My username is laurie.turpin

Can you help please.

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