gpm & USB Mouse - Modules not loading when gpm program kicks in

Frank Hammond frankham69 at
Sat Nov 30 06:11:40 PST 2002

Hi all,

I have just built a "Linux from Scratch" system which so far seems to have
worked well. (yes I am a bit of a newbie so be gentle!).

For device management, I solely use devfs (the latest version) (ie. I do not
use /dev/pts at all).

I have installed gpm (1.20.0) and created a sysvinit scripts to start it up
whenever I boot the system.

The problem I seem to be having is gpm program doesn't seem to trigger the
devfs program to automatically load the appropriate mouse drivers. (I have a
Microsoft USB Optical Wheel Mouse and in my /etc/sysconfig/mouse file have
the gpm MDEVICE setting to /dev/input/mice and the gpm PROTOCOL is set to
"imps2"). The error I get is a "Device /dev/input/mice not found". (which
makes sense as devfs hasn't created it).

If I have modprobe usb-uhci, input, hid and mousedev statements somewhere in
my rc startup scripts, the mouse driver loads and gpm works perfectly,
however the way my newbie Linux mind expected devfs, kmod and modules to
work is that since gpm would want the mouse device, then kmod and devfs
would get a call for it and load the appropriate driver modules by

Where is the problem? Is the gpm not fully kmod / devfs "compliant"?

Do I need the modprobes in a startup file to get my USB mouse to work? (I
reiterate I thought the driver loading would be automatic)

PS: I have tested my modules setup by mounting my MS (vfat) Windows drive
and lsmod shows new modules loaded, so there doesn't seem to be a problem in
the way I have setup my modules as they are auto sensing and loading
properly for other things.



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