Got screwed... almost.

R. Bosch at
Sat Nov 30 04:08:29 PST 2002

On Sat, 30 Nov 2002 02:48:47 +0000  Mister Ian just wrote the following:

> You're gonna get a thump if you arent careful ;-)

I will be careful ;-) No worries here.

Eventhough IMO IBM is good. Provided that hdparm is set with -S120 ;-)
Just to minimize chance on overheating...

However I got this thing for a year know. Without probs.
Got a Deskstar IC35L040AVER07-0 (40GB). I'm thinking of buying a second
one since they're still in stores... Put the on raid... AND on hdparm
-S60 ;-) *grin*

>From a earlier post:
> I use mobo ide, with a WD 120G special edition, giving
> me 50MB/sec...

Looks like hanging on the phone constantly is part of the "special
edition" :-(

Just cut your losses and look arround for something else. Two drives of
80GB should give you all the movie-leech you need ;-) It's not like you
hang on to those movies forever... do you?

Just looking in a magazine about drives...
WDC80GB with 2MB cache is here the cheapest AND the bast in terms of
speed. The other one of 80GB with 8MB cache is slower... 

About IBM again; the problems where with 60GXP-75GXP series. Others seem
to be good... I think IBM is a safe bet again :-)



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