xinetd vs tcpwrappers

john smith no at
Sat Nov 30 03:19:41 PST 2002

I am new to linux and my main aim in building an lfs system was to learn how
it all fits together.
I have a few questions relating to xinetd that I was hoping people could
clear up for me.  If anyone can help, please do. If  I'm on the wrong track
tell me.

1. I was wondering what is the difference/advantage of xinetd access and
logging facilities as opposed to using tcpwrappers to do what appears to me
as a similar job (as far as security is concerned)?

2. I have just installed ssh and it is started by init. can this instead be
started by xinetd (using tcpd depending on answer to question 1) ?

3. If I setup tcpwrappers then should I disable any xinetd access control
options. Is there a network performance cost if say you have a
firewall+tcpd+xinetd in some cases doing the same job.

4. I'm just curious as to where xinetd is told to log to daemon.log for
announcements such as services started.

I hope this makes sense

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