cd-rom module problems

Simon Geard delgarde at
Sat Nov 30 01:51:48 PST 2002

Dagmar d'Surreal wrote:

> *wow* That's the first time I've seen anyone correctly use the addd
> directive in their modules.conf.  I'd almost forgotten one could do
> that.  It's really not necessary tho... See my other post with respect
> to this.  Also without adding an ignore directive so that the ide-cd
> module won't touch the ATAPI burner, you could run into some "issues"
> later on if you happen to stick another non-burning CD rom in the
> machine (considering I had a spare one, and an open drive bay, I
> did--and did).

I don't bother building the ide-cd module, since I only have the burner,
no DVD or standard CD drive. But yes, I suppose it's something to keep
in mind if I do add a DVD...

As for the add directive, that was the result of a bit of reading 'man
modules.conf' and experimenting a bit - I'd tried using a preinstall,
but that didn't quite come out right.

I have a similar line to load mod_sd as a prereq to usb-storage (for my
camera). Again, not quite ideal, but since I don't have any usb storage
devices other than the camera, it works for me.

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