txt files in windows won't work in linux

Hannes Birnbacher noemail915 at hannes-birnbacher.de
Sat Nov 30 00:25:20 PST 2002

Antwort auf die Message vom 30.11.17:28 Uhr von john smith:

> My vi skills are pretty poor 

Just remember that with "i" or "a" you can start to edit, and with
Escape followed by ":" you stop editing. With "wq" you then can
save. With"q!" you can exit without saving. That's all. It is not
that complicated. Imagine you had to learn emacs...;-).

> I have tried this and although the script files look normal from
> cat they never work complaining about "command not found" and
> other errors like that.

The difference is the newline/newline+carriage return.

> can someone please tell me what I need to do to solve this.

Install Midnight Commander. It has a great editor, similar to
"edit" from MS-DOS. You even can install that one stand-alone or,
for example, include it in tin.
Install links for reading HTML-Files. W3m will do also, but if you
chose links2.1pre(...) with SVGALIB and some other libraries you
will need anyway, you have an excellent graphical Browser for the
internet at the same time (doesn't need Xfree:-). 

Cut & paste not yet working in links2.1pre4. Doesn't matter on my
system, however; cut & paste not working with my Midnight
Commander, either.
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