Bootscript Trouble

drharlan at drharlan at
Fri Nov 29 17:37:42 PST 2002

This might be an lfs topic but I ran into it on my blfs system after
installing nfs-utils.  I used the distribution independent scripts from
the etc directory in the build tree (nfs-functions, nfs-client,
nfs-server) and found that they like to see a subdirectory,

Well, I made that dir as root and manually ran the two scripts which
ran without error and the export of the desired volume works just fine.
 I can map to it from my other system without problems.  So nfs-utils

However, I found that one of the bootscripts, cleanfs, blows away
everything in and under /var/lock.  So my subsys directory evaporates
at every boot.

I checked my host system which has several subdirectories under
/var/lock, like samba, console, and subsys.

I can just not run cleanfs, but, on the other hand, I would like to take
advantage of what cleaning it does.

I'm not conversant with bash scripting, yet, so I am looking for
suggestions as to how to modify that bootscript.

Thanks for all,

I'd rather be a free electron than a loose cannon.

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