Got screwed... almost.

R. Bosch at
Fri Nov 29 15:21:50 PST 2002

No, I don't like to srewed in case you wonder :-P

Anyway, I freaked out today (friday) at school as I read this *lovely*
article. I had a Gigabyte card so, feld f*cked-up...

I did not had the chance to get the card working, so I brought the Graph
card back to the store (just in time of warrenty). I just posted a
polite message to say that Ati was unfair to it's custumors as well as
partners. And that I would consider an Ati again if the driver politics
changes. To bad.

btw: I came accross a kernel massage like this in dmesg:
IO APIC #2......
.... register #00: 02000000
.......    : physical APIC id: 02
.... register #01: 00178003
.......     : max redirection entries: 0017
.......     : PRQ implemented: 1
.......     : IO APIC version: 0003
WARNING: unexpected IO-APIC, please mail
          to linux-smp at

What's with it?




Open(source) your mind, and see real freedom!
Close(dsource) your mind and be in a prisson.

Just my ¤0.02
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