boot floppy - unable to mount root fs...

Declan Moriarty declan.moriarty at
Fri Nov 29 10:11:48 PST 2002

On Friday 29 November 2002 12:42, you wrote:
> chapter "Creating a custom bootdisk":
> following the manual, I created the single boot/root disk. During booting
> from floppy, everything starts OK, but during the root upload, the boot
> procedure stops with:
> kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount root fs on 02:00
> during the initial kernel configuration, I removed all modules support, and
> select just ext2 fs support.
> I need some help to find the right way....

If you can't get in, it's because the kernel on your floppy can't find init, 
or mebbe hasn't a clue where the root filesystem is 

Get on somebody's pc and surf to Download tomsrtbt and build 
it - it will build under windoze (the .zip). It's self contained and  saved 
my butt more often than I care to remember. It has ext2 in the kernel. 

	Declan Moriarty
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