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Am Fre, 2002-11-29 um 13.20 schrieb Simon Goodwin:
> if read that on a few pages now, so it must be, that the vendor had made
> changes to the board, i just had a lookon it, it says mbo powerd my asus,
> and its not the full a7v8x there are a few features missing. And the buggi
> bios was made bay mbo too.
It is quite common, that if you buy a packaged pc system, you'll get bulk-ware 
not the retail components you'll get in the shops. So if you bought a
computer with an asus mobo with a via kt400 chipset, it's not
necessarily the a7v8x board but usually some OEM model which they just
sell to big computer vendors. The bad thing about these things, is not
that they might've left out some features, worse is that you probably
will have trouble in the future if you need a bios upgrade, because
nobody maintains it.

> has anybody read something about matrox g550 card? it seems that both x and
> the kernel support matrox g400 very well, but is it the same with this card?
> I need a card with dualhead. or is an ati better there?
here's a link with some information of X 4.x drivers the g550 is
supported in 2d and 3d(dri):
If 3d acceleration is not important for you, and you want a good vga
signal then I'd definetly take the g550, if youlike to play 3d games
from time to time an ati or nvidia is probably the better choice.
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