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The Cheeze Cheeziologist at
Fri Nov 29 00:45:31 PST 2002

I know proftpd isnt in the blfs book, but I thought I'd ask anyways. I
have proftpd installed and it works great. I have no problems running or
configuring it. My question is about logs. I know that it maintains a
transfer log in /var/log/xferlog and that from /var/log/daemon.log I can
read some info about what has been going on with the server. The one
thing I was looking at, though, is that when browsing
/var/log/daemon.log it tells me when people connect/disconnect and what
ip address they connected from and if someone tries to connect with an
invalid username, it mentions it. What I want to know as well is if they
connect with a valid username is there somewhere it is logged what valid
usernames logged in too. Allow me to illustrate:
If someone connects with an invalid username, this shows up

Nov 27 10:36:45 cheezenix proftpd[3370]:
([]) - no such user

But if someone uses connects using a valid username or presumably no
user at all I only get messages as to when the session opens and closes,
no message about what user logged on. Is there anywhere that valid
logins are logged?

Thanks, and sorry for making this email so long, I hadn't intended it to

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