can connect with wvdial, but cannot access any url.

Joern Abatz mail at
Thu Nov 28 23:31:54 PST 2002

On 2002.11.28 21:05 Laurence Turpin wrote:
> I tried putting my DNS servers in the /etc/resolv.conf and
> /etc/ppp/resolv.conf
> And tried running the links browser again when I try to contact any
> URL it
> comes up
> with Looking for host and never finds the site
> I also tried pinging my DNS ip number and it writes to the location
> but
> never receives a response
> Any ideas?

I guess it might be a problem either with the routing or the packet
filter. Can you ping any other IP address on the internet? When you are
connected, is there a default route pointing to the P-t-P address of the
ppp0 interface? Or do your filter rules block all packets with source
addresses other than localhost?

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