Cross-compiling for a 486.

Declan Moriarty declan.moriarty at
Wed Nov 27 08:21:06 PST 2002

On Wednesday 27 November 2002 11:30, you wrote:
> I have just built LFS (CVS with glibc2.3.1) for my 486 using my PIII. 
> Using the uname hack as documented in the hint went fine, and it works
> well.
> Now I need to build some BLFS for it.  I built samba on it last night - ALL
> last night!!
> I had the idea that I might mount the 486's root partition under a chroot
> environment on the PIII, and thus be able to compile there.   Has anyone
> done this?  What have I missed?  Can I use an smbfs, or do I need nfs?
> (never done that before)

Aren't you able to mount the partition as you suggested, and chroot or cp-r 
for the make install? 

If you are an absolute sucker for punishment, you might try this line
./configure --install-prefix=/mnt/usr/local  & c. You'll need piles of that, 
but it's theoretically possible. 

> (I should add that I almost made a mistake with my radial arm saw this
> morning, so I'm feeling a little sensitive about my thinking today.
> Fortunately LFS can't cut your hand off.)

You're enjoying life. It's illuminating to think that handicapped people 
refer to fully fit ones as 'temporarily able-bodied'.  

BTW, what do you have an arm saw for anyhow? Uninstalling m$ windows? ;-)


	Declan Moriarty
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