Cross-compiling for a 486.

Billy O'Connor billyoc at
Wed Nov 27 05:27:36 PST 2002

richard.downing at (Richard A Downing) writes:

> I have just built LFS (CVS with glibc2.3.1) for my 486 using my PIII.  Using 
> the uname hack as documented in the hint went fine, and it works well.
> Now I need to build some BLFS for it.  I built samba on it last night - ALL 
> last night!!
> I had the idea that I might mount the 486's root partition under a chroot 
> environment on the PIII, and thus be able to compile there.   Has anyone done 
> this?  What have I missed?  Can I use an smbfs, or do I need nfs? (never done 
> that before)

That's one method, compiling over NFS can be alright, depending on
kernel version, mount options, etc.  I have had some success by
./configuring and make'ing on the big machine, then tarring up the
source tree and scp'ing it to the little machine.  I just untar it
there and 'make install'.  Both boxes need to have the same date and
time for that to work.

If you want to try the NFS method, check out the NFS hint.  There's a
pointer at the bottom to the LFS HOWTO.

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