gzexe.... worth it?

Declan Moriarty tech.genius at ntlworld.ie
Wed Nov 27 02:44:17 PST 2002

On Tuesday 26 November 2002 16:37, you wrote:
> Thanks all for the help.  I have run into a problem though :-(.
> I installed a couple programs into /usr/local/: openssl, ncftp, lynks
> dhcpcd, zip, and unzip.  I decided to start gzexe'n some executables so
> I could get some more space (I already stripped and got rid of info at
> this point).  I did all the /usr/local stuff, then moved on to /sbin and
> then /bin.  I wasn't doing everything... I left out everything I could
> think of that's in my scripts.
> The system started going REALLY slow.... and then I started getting a
> bunch of :
> Out of memory: killed process 31989
> over and over, with the occasional:
> /bin/sed: Line 17: 2241 broken pipe /tmp/"$prog" ${1+"$@"}
> I think that I ctrl-c'd the process when it was on sed, which I'm
> thinking caused this one?
> I couldn't get the system to shut down, so I ended up having to just
> turn off the power.... and now, when I boot up, I get a:
> KERNEL PANIC: no init found
> I'm wondering if I screwed up somewhere, or if I got some kind of virus?
>   I did notice that the openssl package didn't have the
> doc/apps/passwd.pod file, which seemed a little wierd.
> WHAT HAPPENED?  How would you suggest I try to make it bootable again?

I wouldn't have a clue. But you can find out
Take out your trusty boot disk. What's that? You didn't make one? Oh well, go 
to http://www.toms.net/rb then and download his trusty bootdisk. It even 
builds under windoze!! See what's left of your system. AFAIK, it's compatible 
with ext3, & mebbe even reiser.

you didn't turn gzexe in INIT, did you? That would be chicken and egg, 
because gzexe couldn't load unless it was in the kernel, or unless init 
loaded it.

> I finally finish the freak'n scripts (after deleting them when I was
> done a week ago ;-), and now this happens!!!!
> any help would be greatly appreciated
> -Adam


Declan Moriarty.
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