KDE-3.0.4 on blfs cvs 20021027

Tim Holterhus lfs at holterhus.com
Wed Nov 27 00:29:16 PST 2002

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On Wednesday 27. November 2002 08:32, Xinkui Hao wrote:
> hi,
> I'm currently not subscribed to the list,so if you mind reply to
> xinkuihao at yahoo.com .
> I'm building KDE-3.0.4 on my machine. I have successfully installed
> XFree86-4.2.1, and use WindowMaker on it. When I compile
> KDE-3.0.4,the first three packages,aRts,kdelibs,kdebase,seems all
> right.But when I followed the direction of the book,type 'startx',and
> I got following messages:
> /opt/kde-3.0.3/bin/startkde: line 131: 15427 Segmentation fault kwin
> /opt/kde-3.0.3/bin/startkde: line 131: 15428 Segmentation fault
>    kpersonalizer --before-session DCOPServer up and running.
> Since I don't set any CFLAGS or CXXFLAGS at all,so I'm curious of why
> this happened.I couldn't download another copy of KDE like 3.0.3
> because I'm using a modem to download everything. Have you encounted
> this?

have you verified that the /opt/kde symlink, KDEDIR environment variable 
and /etc/ld.so.conf all point to the right directory? It looks like 
something is still pointing to your "old" 3.0.3 directory.


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