gzexe.... worth it?

adam boz adam_boz at phreaker.net
Tue Nov 26 08:37:52 PST 2002

Thanks all for the help.  I have run into a problem though :-(.

I installed a couple programs into /usr/local/: openssl, ncftp, lynks 
dhcpcd, zip, and unzip.  I decided to start gzexe'n some executables so 
I could get some more space (I already stripped and got rid of info at 
this point).  I did all the /usr/local stuff, then moved on to /sbin and 
then /bin.  I wasn't doing everything... I left out everything I could 
think of that's in my scripts.

The system started going REALLY slow.... and then I started getting a 
bunch of :

Out of memory: killed process 31989

over and over, with the occasional:

/bin/sed: Line 17: 2241 broken pipe /tmp/"$prog" ${1+"$@"}

I think that I ctrl-c'd the process when it was on sed, which I'm 
thinking caused this one?

I couldn't get the system to shut down, so I ended up having to just 
turn off the power.... and now, when I boot up, I get a:

KERNEL PANIC: no init found

I'm wondering if I screwed up somewhere, or if I got some kind of virus? 
  I did notice that the openssl package didn't have the 
doc/apps/passwd.pod file, which seemed a little wierd.

WHAT HAPPENED?  How would you suggest I try to make it bootable again?

I finally finish the freak'n scripts (after deleting them when I was 
done a week ago ;-), and now this happens!!!!

any help would be greatly appreciated


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