Cable modem?

Richard Pinnell pinr at
Tue Nov 26 19:16:54 PST 2002

> Well, I can't speak for what your provider does, but
> when I set up a
> cable modem on my machine, my ISP (AT&T) required me
> to phone in and
> tell them the MAC address of my cable modem and the
> MAC address of the
> NIC card it was attached to. However my cable modem
> is in bridging mode,
> i.e. it doesn't retain the ip address and route out
> dummy addresses
> (like yours seems to if you are getting a 10.
> address) but instead lets
> my NIC card retain the "real" ip address.
> After informing them of both MAC addresses all I had
> to do was run a
> dhcp client and I was all set.
Yes I guess each provider uses a different system
then. As you say in my case I'm on a 10. address and
when cable modem is disconneced on the cable side it
provides a dhcp server which sends out address on the
192.168....  .  The 10.. address comes from the Cable
provider.  If you want a genine address here
(intercable mexico) you have to pay $100 a month
extra.  Apart from that though I still don't see why
the original poster can't get it working surely you
have to supply NTL with the two mac addresses in
Windows too

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