gzexe.... worth it?

Jerry McBride mcbrides9 at comcast.net
Tue Nov 26 16:29:34 PST 2002

If I may add my thoughts to this...

On Tue, 26 Nov 2002 09:15:03 +0100 Apolon <apolon_lovlilis at ifrance.com> wrote:

> The first thing to do to save space:
>  - do a strip --strip-debug on 	all libs/binaries of the system

If you do this... test, test and retest all of the various apps. Some simply
refuse to run after being stripped... like X.

>  - delete the info/man pages that you don't need

I gotta' ask, do you really need man pages? I  know you can dump the info
stuff... But man pages... hmmm... if this is going to be targeted at normal
users, then include them. If it's for seasoned, nail biting users then maybe you
can dump them also.

>  - delete the translations (/usr/share/locale/...) that yon don't need

That's easy, this is lfs... translations can be added in later. Dump them now.

> it should save you a couple of megabytes

Between your diet and the use of gzexe it could be a worth while endeavor.

As for how much of an impact gzexe has on over all performance... it all depends
on what your linux is doing. If it's a user, sitting on a console typing in
commands one at a time, then there is no noticable difference. If it's a bash
script, executing  many, many commands in a row... then the difference could be

Personally I'd go a head a do it. 


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