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Tue Nov 26 10:45:32 PST 2002

In article <3DE00773.8000009 at>, Arman Aksoy wrote:

> Hi again,

Hi Arman,

> How can we disable the 'beep' sound of the system?

There are many ways:

 - if you use bash, add "set bell-style none" to ~/.inputrc or $INPUTRC
 - if you use tcsh, add "set nobeep" to ~/.cshrc or /etc/csh.cshrc
 - to prevent less from beeping: export LESS=-Q or setenv LESS -Q
 - to prevent  vim from beeping: add "set visuallbell" to /etc/vimrc
 - inside a console, you can run 'echo "\033[10;10]\033[11;0]"'
 - inside X11, run "xset b off" (add this to your .xsession or .xinitrc)

...but physically disabling the speaker is probably the simplest solution ;-)

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