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Tue Nov 26 06:29:21 PST 2002

On Sun, Nov 24, 2002 at 07:38:14AM -0800, Richard Pinnell wrote:
> > (snippage - naughty top poster!)
> > >  Thanks for the pointer. The current (June 2001)
> > version does actually
> > > include NTL here, but it skips over the hard part
> > - you have to get the
> > > network card registered. Current consensus is that
> > you really need to
> > > use windoze to do this. About to try this, if I
> > can look myself in the
> > > eye, and find a windows CD and spare disk (built
> > LFS-3.3 for my
> > > firewall/router, a massive 2Gb disk, no space for
> > windoze as well as
> > > LFS.
> > 
> > Yech.  My condolences.  It's a shame they're too
> > cheap to hire phone
> > monkeys capable of manually entering a MAC address
> > into their system for
> > you. 
> I've been following this thread and I'm lost as to why
> your cable modem won't work with Linux.  I'm not using
> NTL as I'm in Mexico but I am using a Motorola
> surfboard sb4100 cable modem. Setting it up was easy I
> just installed the dhcp server as per the BLfS book. 
> I did not have to register my network card mac address
> only the mac address on the surfboard itself but you
> have to do that whatever OS you are using.  Have I
> missed something?

I've got NTL at home too, although I originally set it up from my main
box (WinXP). NTL itself don't seam to take the MAC address of the
network card you use, just the MAC address of the modem. (It set it all
up via the Ethernet port)

I ran into a problem them when I eventually transfered it my Linux
server: it wouldn't pick up dhcp. But, if you cycle the power on the
modem, it picks it up fine (and has done since). So, from the looks of
it, when there's power in the modem, it'll only let you use one network

As for the setup, the program just points you to a web site which does
all the checks and setting up. I can't remember the address though.

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