UPS and Linux

Joern Abatz mail at
Tue Nov 26 04:18:26 PST 2002

On 2002.11.26 12:38 "Ripalda-Marin, Miguel-Angel" wrote:
> ;-), I've just been told that I MUST use one UPS that my department
> has come
> across: it's SPS.425.PRO from Salicru Electronics.
> I isn't listed in those references you all gave me; and their
> documents set
> Windows O.S. as a requirement... nevertheless: has anyone put that
> model to
> work?

Most UPSs don't really use the serial port to send bytes to and fro,
they kind of abuse the handshake pins instead, to signal "power down" or
"low battery" from the UPS to the PC or a "shutdown" command from the PC
to the UPS. So you probably don't really need the documentation, only a
multimeter, one or two resistors, and a soldering iron. If you are lucky
and have the right cable that was delivered with your UPS, you may need
not even those, only a program that can tell the states of the handhake

Get powstatd (from, I think, google for 'powstatd
download'). It has a test mode that does just that. And it can be
configured to put any signal on any handshake pin.

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