gzexe.... worth it?

Richard Lightman richard at nezumi.plus.com
Tue Nov 26 01:29:38 PST 2002

* adam boz <adam_boz at phreaker.net> [2002-11-26 08:59]:
> Hi all.  I'm creating a root disk (as well as packages and zsh scripts 
> for an auto-lfs).  As of now, I am using 619 megs.  I would like to add 
> some more programs to the disk, but I don't want to go over 650 megs. 
> I've read the man pages on gzexe, and it looks like it could save me 
> some space, but I am wondering how much it will slow down the system. 
> Also, can I do this from a boot disk, if the bin dir's aren't loaded 
> into ramdisk?
Ramdisks force things into memory whether or not it is a good idea.
Use tmpfs instead, then the kernel can decide what to keep in
memory. Also when you have created some swap space, things in tmpfs
can be swapped out when not required.

If you use zisofs instead of gzexe, you can compress anything. Not
just executables.


If speed is an issue, do not compress the files that cause the machine
to slow down.

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