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>"Carsten Gehrke" <carsten at> wrote in message
>news: at Shire...
> > Remember, this is not the full message, but I think it includes what you
> > need.  Of course, why would you trust some guy on a mailing list...
>True, you shouldn't, although my initial response was an honest one.  I'd
>simply forgotten about the compromise - and couldn't lay my
>hands on the information you've been able to provide (in the forms of
>verified MD5 sums).

Just to be perfectly clear:  I was referring to myself when I wrote "some 
guy"--after all, I could have spoofed the clipping from the CERT advisory, 
and put in false MD5 sums.  BTW, the CERT advisories are PGP signed, so one 
could always establish their authenticity (at least as far as you would 
trust PGP/GPG).

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