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> Hello all,
> has anyone installed successfully an UPS for a LFS system? Which models
> are available in the market that work properly under Linux? Is there any
> thing to change at OS level?

After plugging the thing into your computer (I'm talking about a data line
such as a serial or USB connection here, *not* the power line) you'll need
to add a boot script that launches an appropriate powerd daemon. powerd
notifies init in the case power fails/is restored. You'll need to add
inittab entries to specify what init should do in this case (usually run
shutdown with a few minutes countdown and a wall message for all users if
power fails and a command to abort the countdown if power is restored).
See man inittab for details.

>  Which models
> are available in the market that work properly under Linux?

Go to Freshmeat and search for "powerd" and download the available
daemons. They should include a list of supported UPSs. If not you can ask
the package maintainers. You can also try looking on the websites of UPS


p.s.: DISCLAIMER: I've never seen a UPS except on photos (Germany has very
reliable power, so I don't need one). The above is just what I've pieced
together from stuff I've read.

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