Having machine do something after phone call

Miguel Bazdresch miguel at thewizardstower.org
Sun Nov 24 13:31:12 PST 2002

There was a thread a while back about how to have the machine perform an
action depending on activity on the phone line. I don't remember if a
solution was found, and since the archives are hard to reach, I decided
to forward the following, which is part of a webpage I found at:


Apologies if this is redundant.


You may want to tell your machine to go online or do other stuff while 
you're not at home. You can use some tools to achieve this - and "program" 
the machine to respond by simply dialing the machine in certain preset 
sequences. These hints were posted in comp.os.linux.misc:

Is it possible to have my modem detect an incoming call, hang up on that 
call and immediately run pppon? I'd like to connect to my home machine from 
office, and I don't have a modem there.

>From:  Robert Clare <Robert.Clare at cern.ch
>Hi.  I know of two programs on the market that can do this.  There are 
>probably more...  Take a look at ringconnectd and xringd.  Both should be 
>available at your local sunsite mirror.  I have used ringconnectd in the 
>past and it worked perfectly

From: Peter Caffin <peter at ptcc.it.net.au>
I believe that mgetty is capable of doing this. Have a look at the Mgetty 
Homepage at http://www.leo.org/~doering/mgetty/index.html and the Usenet 
newsgroup de.alt.comm.mgetty.

From: Robert Clare <Robert.Clare at cern.ch>
Dont know about ringconnectd, but xringd is capable of pretty complex 
"sequence detection" - like 3 rings, then 30-60 seconds silence, then 1 
ring, then at least 30 seconds silence, etc.
I have used this in the past to make the computer do different things (one 
sequence would grab the From: and Subject: of all my new emails and send it 
to my pager, another would connect to my ISP, etc.)


Miguel Bazdresch
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