wvstreams3.7 error

john smith no at thanks.com
Sun Nov 24 02:07:28 PST 2002

anyone know why I'm getting the following error when running 'make
PREFIX=/usr' on wvstreams-3.70

wvaddr.cc:641: prototype for `WvIPPortAddr::WvIPPortAddr(unsigned char*,
   unsigned int)' does not match any in class `WvIPPortAddr'
wvaddr.h:365: candidates are: WvIPPortAddr::WvIPPortAddr(const
wvaddr.h:382:                 WvIPPortAddr::WvIPPortAddr(sockaddr_in*)
wvaddr.h:380:                 WvIPPortAddr::WvIPPortAddr(const char*, short
   unsigned int)
wvaddr.h:379:                 WvIPPortAddr::WvIPPortAddr(short unsigned int)
wvaddr.h:376:                 WvIPPortAddr::WvIPPortAddr(const WvString&)
wvaddr.h:374:                 WvIPPortAddr::WvIPPortAddr(const char*)
wvaddr.h:373:                 WvIPPortAddr::WvIPPortAddr(const WvIPAddr&,
   unsigned int = 0)
wvaddr.h:372:                 WvIPPortAddr::WvIPPortAddr(const unsigned
   short unsigned int = 0)
wvaddr.cc:634:                 WvIPPortAddr::WvIPPortAddr()
make[2]: *** [wvaddr.o] Error 1
make[1]: *** [ipstreams] Error 2
make: *** [src] Error 2

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