GDM Hang ?

Dagmar d'Surreal dagmar at
Sat Nov 23 23:04:39 PST 2002

On Tue, 2002-11-12 at 04:34, Andy Campbell wrote:

> ctrl+alt_backspace works fine with in the Gnome sessoion and
> restarts X
> However from the hung X display after log out nothing happens

I still think you're describing the screwey behaviour of the afflicted
versions of GDM rather perfectly. is out now, BTW.

> >> If I login via another box X is using 99% of the CPU.

This is also one of those symptoms.

> I've just set "AlwaysRestartServer=true" in gdm.conf, default is false.
> This sort of solves the problem, as it now restarts X when I log out and
> brings up the log in prompt.
> However it is still a pain as my Matrox drivers take a couple of mins to
> scan my hardware before X will start ( Seems to a know "feature" of the
> Matrox driver )
> Should I be able to get back the GDM log in screen without restarting X ?

Yes, you should.  That feature is there for the reason mentioned in the
default config.  If your apps are hemmorhaging memory on a regular
basis, it can be somewhat useful to have X completely restarted by GDM
each time a user logs out to (hopefully) free that memory back up.

I'm sorry I didn't follow up on this before, but seriously... get the
latest version of GDM ( and try again, or in your reply please
mention what version you're currently attempting to use.

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