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Tushar T tush at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 22 11:49:34 PST 2002

Ken Dyke wrote:

>On Fri, 2002-11-22 at 15:56, Bryan Breen wrote:
>>Alternatively, there is a hints document that covers this topic:
>I think it safe to say that Matthias S. Benkmann has the ability to
>think outside the box.  I don't always agree with what he has to say but
>often, as seen here, he can be quite thought provoking.  I would like to
Yep, the hint is awesome:) <thanx recipient="MSB" />.

>see him update this to lfs-4.0 (then maybe I can get my small head
>around it to make "minor changes" in the future i.e. with working code
>against the current version I would be more willing to take the time to
>explore this).  There has been some interesting work in the *BSD realm
>to get rid of the root superuser.
The concept still works for LFS-4.0. I am using it without any major 

Tushar Teredesai
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