using remote tape drives

Chris Lingard chris at
Fri Nov 22 10:41:35 PST 2002

Carsten P. Gehrke wrote:

> Does anyone have experience using remote tape drives?  I'm trying to use a
> DLT drive on one system to back up another.  If I use tar on the second
> system, it tries to use rsh or remsh to connect to the system with the
> drive.  It seems I need to run some sort of rlogin daemon on that computer
> to allow rsh to connect.  Is there another, perhaps more secure way, of
> doing this?  I'd prefer not to run an rlogin daemon, but all of this would
> be behind a firewall in any case.

I did this some years ago using rsh, but ssh would work too

>From the machine with the tape do
ssh  remote-machine  script  >  /dev/your_tape

The script on the remote machine could be
tar  cf  -  /whatever

What I did was to use find and cpio so that I could select files

Your script can do compression by doing tar cf - /whatever | gzip

You can also do multiple archives on the tape, by using the no-rewind
option, and running several jobs at night using cron


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