Copying (B)LFS to another PC

Richard Lightman richard at
Fri Nov 22 02:53:00 PST 2002

* Graz Bukanoff <drevenhaug at> [2002-11-22 10:28]:
> Is it possible to copy my (B)LFS system from one i386 architecture (Celeron)
> to another (say AMD) if I use a generic kernel, and not have to recompile
> anything else? Could I then compile a new kernel especially made for that
> procesor type?
Celeron is at least i586, and there are now pentium 4's (with a cut
down L2 cache?) sold as Celeron's.

If you have compiled everything as i386 (or i486), it should work on
something more modern. Try it and see. There might be some badly
behaved package that decided to compile itself $(uname -m), but
you can recompile that when you spot it.

> Or will I have to recompile some other software too if I move from an Intel
> to an AMD CPU?
As long as you have not optimized for an incompatible CPU, things
should work. They would work noticably faster if you re-compile for
the CPU you are using.


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