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> > Does anyone have experience using remote tape drives?  I'm
> > trying to use a DLT drive on one system to back up another.
> > [...] Is there another, perhaps more secure way, of doing this?
>Check out "S Tar", a GNU tar replacment.

I've downloaded the 1.4.1 version, and I'll check it out.  You wouldn't 
happen to know if there's a PGP signature for this package, or a signed MD5 
fingerprint?  Maybe even an MD5 fingerprint that was sent out in an 
announcement (I couldn't find one in the mailing list archives)?

>It includes a program called `rmt' that I think does exactly what you'r
>looking for.  It's not encrypted, though I immagine you could probably
>rig it with stunnel somehow.  At any rate, it's not a generic rlogin
>type of thing, only does tape related stuff so it lessens the chance of
>evil wrongdoings.
>Also, if asked to trust a programmers code, I enthusiastically would do
>so of Jörg Schilling's work.
>Cheers and good luck,

Thanks for the info!

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