Fool's guide to FIND

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> > I have a very simple task: I want to recursively find files
> > by name (e.g.) *.pdf
>Stuff like this is a snap; recurisve searching is default.
>syntax is find <dirToStartIn> -<whatType> <searchString>
>so to find somthing *named* *.pdf searching the whole machine you do
>find / -name "*.pdf"
>Note the quotes around your string arn't always neccecary, but they will
>keep you out of trouble!
>For real fun, try thinking of ways to recursivly search for files
>without using find.  hint, try using combinations of du, awk, and grep.

ls -R *.pdf

comes to mind.  But find has a lot more options (select on permissions, etc.)

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