Fool's guide to FIND

Conrad Newton conrad.newton at
Thu Nov 21 09:44:40 PST 2002

Declan Moriarty on Thu, Nov 21, 2002 at 04:49:08PM -0500:
> Can anyone point me to such a thing? With examples?  Don't reply 'man find' 
> until you read to the bottom of it!
> I have a very simple task: I want to recursively find files by name (e.g.) 
> *.pdf, and I am quite happy to log to the appropiatre directory to search 
> down.  In most cases I know the extension, but not the name. Does anyone ever 
> do a simple task like that in linux? Does it take a line the length of a sed 
> construction?

If you have the command "locate" installed, you can try

locate pdf


locate pdf | grep declan | grep \.pdf$

to get just the pdf files belonging to user declan.
The last grep is not necessary, but it serves to
eliminate occurences of pdf that occur in the
middle of the filename.


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